african grey parrot
african grey parrot

African grey parrots are the most popular of all pet parrots. They are extremely intelligent, very social, affectionate, will learn up to 300 words or more, are easy to care for and often can become quite attached to their owners. Our African grey parrots are raised in our home with us, not in a cage. All of our African Greys come with their DNA Certificate & Microchip.

Our birds all come with a health certificate and a veterinary export permit plus the normal CITES, USDA paperwork for travel to most destinations around the world. We also offer a compatibility guarantee and will take back any bird that does not work out in your home environment, so you can purchase with confidence.”
Our African greys are molting, which means they are getting ready to start their annual molt. While most parrots aren’t very good talkers, Africans can be called chatter boxes. These birds love to whistle and squawk at times, but they also enjoy imitating many household sounds like turning on the sink or closing the refrigerator door.

Buy African Grey Parrots. African grey parrot are loved worldwide because of their interesting personalities and ability to mimic human speech. African grey parrots are considered one of the best talkers among parrot species, but they can sometimes be stubborn or spoiled. An experienced avian veterinarian or bird groomer is needed if you are looking to purchase an African grey parrot for the first time, especially when it comes to selecting a breeder with healthy birds. Visit our online store if you are searching for the best place to buy african grey parrots.

This is a reliable place for all your african grey parrot needs, We have several different species of these birds for sale. It is not just the beauty that makes the African grey parrots so special. They are also very intelligent and highly imitative, which gives them an edge in their popularity over other parrot species.

We care about the future of your bird. We take pride in our birds and want you to feel as if your bird came from a lifelong breeder and not a pet store. Our birds come with a lifetime apprenticeship with one of us to make sure your bird lives a long and productive life. We want you to be able to call us after the sale and we will do everything we can for you and your new family member!


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