african grey parrot
african grey parrot

Introduction with African Grey Parrot: 

An escaped pet bird turned-back and recurred to his owner in Japan repeating his owner’s name and address. This incident took place in Japan a few years ago. Can you guess the pet’s name? It’s one of the most popular avian pets named african grey parrots. It is clasp in captivity and regularly kept by humans as a companion Parrot. Why african grey parrots admirable?  This african grey parrot is treasured for its potentiality to imitate or mimic human speech which makes these parrots so desirable and popular. African grey parrots are a very sharp and  intelligent type of bird in their species. Their extensive behaviour, social enrichment and their attention in captive situations is remarkable. It is known as “The Einstein of the Birds World”. You have to give this parrot your best attention otherwise it will be distressed.  They listen to the environment tirelessly, and are renowned for mimicking noise. The owners of african grey parrots report that this parrot is attached to their emotions and response in certain matters. 

Biological Origin of African Grey Parrot: 

Congo African grey parrot or african grey parrot is one of the ancient parrots in the history of mankind.  Let’s talk about the biological origin of african grey parrots. The family it belongs to is Psittacidae. The Timneh parrot (Psittacus timneh) once was identified as a subspecies of the grey parrot, but has since been elevated to a full species. The biological name of african grey parrot is Psittacus erithacus, they are also known as Congo african grey parrot. 

About the physical shape of this parrot, it looks medium sized, typical weight is 400 gm, approximate length of this bird is 33 cm, also the wingspan of this parrot is 46-52 cm and the color is not grey at all. No, I am kidding. The color of african grey parrot is predominantly grey, black billed parrot. This parrot is looking so gorgeous because of its color. The head is covered with dark grey or grey color, the tail feathers are red and its wings are generally darker than its body makes the perfect combination of this beauty. 

Some grey parrots are completely red or partially red. Their eyes are dark grey to black in comparison to the yellow irises around dark pupils of the adult birds and their undertail coverts are tinged with grey. Let’s talk about the average weight of african grey parrot, its weight 418-526 gm in general. African grey parrots are mainly living with human fellowship, but some of them are used to living in the wild. In the wild it can survive or draw breathe not more than 23 years average,but in captivity with human companionship it may live approximately 40 to 60 years. So their lifespan in the wild appears to be shorter than captivity.  


Region of African grey Parrots                             

To find this origin of these species you have to go inside a range from Kenya to the eastern part of the Ivory Coast. The grey parrot is domestic to tropical africa including Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Angola, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Gabon, the Congo and Cameroon.

African grey parrots prefer and also desire to live in opaque forests but it can also be found at the edges of the forest in more open places like galleries and savanna forests. Most recent statistics data represent us the population of this extraordinary species is diminishing worldwide. The latest assessment for the global population is uncertain and ranges from 630,000 to 13 million parrots only. 

In Congo the estimation illustrates that 15,000 african grey parrots were taken every year for pet merchandising. It is located in the eastern part of the country. In the year of 2015 a population study was issued regarding african grey parrots where they mention that the species had been “Virtually Eliminated” from Ghana since 1922. Currently they were found in only 10 of 42 forest areas. There are only 700 to 1200 birds each in every forest region. The reason for this state of affairs is not satisfactory at all. The local people mainly inculpate the pet traders and those who cut timbers and diminish forest day by day. It is also a menace for every bird on this planet. We should be aware of this otherwise it will be long delayed for them and for us. The populations of african grey parrots are anchor and stable in Cameron. The grey parrot has broken free or been deliberately released into Florida, USA, but no affirmation recommended that the population is breeding naturally. 

Parrots Show Off Selfless Behavior - The New York Times

The behaviour of grey Parrot

African grey parrots are sort of complex parrots, they are extremely sensitive and emotionally tethered with humans, so you can call them little chunks, demanding as children. Childrens are very fond of african grey parrots because they play with childrens in different ways and babble with them in funny ways, which children like them to a great extent. They are remarkably talented and charming, but this type of tone within their brains can lead to behavioral issues.  If you want to smooch African grey parrots, I have to warn you that this is not that kind of bird but they do appreciate intense physical contact and if you are lucky enough you can get their emotional attachment with you too.  So you have to give them attention and love from your core heart. I can assure you their hearts will melt for you. Every bird has its own way out, space, preferences and tastes. An African grey bird can also set off a one-person bird or your individual bird and even it can be likely as your family member.  As I told you before African grey birds are delicate so even a tiny swap in routine can make this parrot unhappy. Most of the animals on this planet, including humans, are the nature of their own habit, African grey’s habit is to masticate their feathers, and you can call it a bad habit. When you see that african grey parrot is plucking its own feather you have to understand that it is distressed and needs more noticed from you. African grey parrots try to keep away from gathering and prefer less chaos.   If you love African grey parrots, it will be yours for time on earth. Because of their sensitive nature they also have some behavioral issues. If you isolate african grey parrots it will get stressed and start ageing. African grey parrots are able to reproduce high pitch noise like metal band singers, they usually do that for training their vocal abilities in front of humans. 

Nature & Habitat 

African grey parrots are highly depending on their flock, even when they are raised in captivity. In studies, we find that both wild and captive parrots have been shown to use contact, commune and interconnect with their flock mates about their position, detection of predators, availability of food and most importantly their safety issues. Sometimes this bond can be stronger with humans or its flock mates. African grey parrots not only communicate with humans with their language, you can see their different gestures to communicate with you in social situations.   

 African grey parrots are highly intelligent and are considered by many to be one of the most intelligent species of psittacines. The American scientist Irene Pepperberg‘s research with Alex the parrot showed his ability to learn more than 100 words, differentiating between objects, colours, materials, and shapes. Pepperberg spent several decades working with Alex, and wrote numerous scientific papers on experiments performed, indicating his advanced cognitive abilities. One such study found that Alex had the ability to add numbers as well as having a zero-like concept, similar to that of young children and apes.

Reference: [ Irene Pepperberg’s research with Alex ]

African grey parrots are really superior with english words, they can pronounce english word so comfortably but in reality we saw different things such as they are capable of creating new level of english language like in usually we used to say “Cake” but african grey parrots address it as “Yummy Bread”. In some conducting experiments we came to know that african grey parrots can learn to associate human voices with the faces of humans who create them also they are able to learn number sequences. In other study we also found some fascinating things. If you go to other species they will not share their food with their partners, but african grey parrots are different. They are more likely to share their nuts with their partners even if they would not get one for themselves. So it indicates the friendly behaviour of african grey parrots. They are very fond of their partners and they always try to do some favour for their partners. 


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