Buy African Grey Parrot
Buy African Grey Parrot

If you love birds, then you will love african grey parrots. They are just amazing. If you are buying birds or for the first time in your life then buying african grey parrots can be a quite daunting process. But as a buyer you have to keep something in your mind that “you have to buy a healthy bird”. So i suggest first you have to do some research online, see some videos on youtube, if possible contact some owners of african grey parrots leave them some mail. I hope they will help you. But from experiences shared by some owners of african grey parrots, i discovered that when you are talking with the breeders, ask him to show you the birds first in physically. You have to keep in mind that a good breeder will allow you to see the birds and answer all your queries regarding african grey parrots. They will share their health condition with you, how they eat, their all requirements. And believe me, when you look into some healthy bird, you will know. Another suggestion is not to buy baby grey at first time if you don’t have any enough knowledge about african grey bird because too many bady grey died in this stage for lack of care. So if you don’t know how to care then i suggest keep away from it. But the good news is eventually you will learn everything when you start to nurture it.      

 So let’s talk about the costing of an african grey parrot, if everything is alright then an african grey parrot will cost you approximately $950 to $3000. So at first figure out the right bird then enjoy buying it.

Finding a healthy African Grey Parrot can be hard work. Features include Quality proven large bird seed to keep your grey healthy, Choice of sizes to accommodate your birds beak or to keep your geriatric parrot happy.

Our African Grey parrots for sale have beautiful plumage and lovely personalities. They are generally easy to care for and a lot of fun.

Best African Grey Parrots breeder with over 2 years experience. Well trained parrots for sale with a health guarantee.

3 Reasons to buy parrots online from us
Our team is made up of certified avian specialists and professional vets. That’s why our parrots for sale are always healthy, well-fed, and groomed to perfection. But this is not the only thing we are proud of. Here’s what else Parrots Estate is about:

72-hour health guarantee. We make sure that our birds are in their best condition. However, if you notice any signs of sickness in your parrot within 72 hours after the purchase, we will take him or her back for treatment and provide you with a new companion.

African Grey Parrots are the world’s foremost family pet and companion

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