Macaw Parrot
Macaw Parrot

Introduction with Macaw Parrots

Macaws are among the most remarkable and the most impressive species of birds. They are known as the giant parrot of the parrot world. The 40 inch length of tail definitely will be the longest longest parrot name The hycinth. But as usually macaws have very long feathers, tail as well as larger beaks also. There are different designs of beaks like curved, large and powerful also to crack open the hard nuts and seeds. The design and outlook of these parrots are amazing, their feathers are so colorful. The big size of macaws’ vigorous colors make them hard to overlook. They can generate different noises when they are infront of humans also they do different clownish things to draw attention from others. Well- socialized macaws can be friendly and fellow companions. You can be easily domesticated macaw parrots. Some of them can make mimic noises but not all kinds. People like to keep macaw parrots as their pet because of its beauty, it can be pet 65 years long in captivity. 

Biological Origin of Macaw Parrots

Macaw parrots are casually classified into two groups: large macaws and mini macaws. The family it belongs to is named Psittacidae. Thick-billed parrots are sometimes mentioned as Macaw, although it is not considered to be a macaw species. Macaws are native birds to central America and North america and formerly the caribbean island. The wild macaw parrots live in the rainforest but some of them prefer woodland. Both male and female macaws look alike, which is pretty common for vividly colored birds. In Brazil and Bolivia you can find hyacinth macaw parrots,  cobalt blue color and the longest parrots of this species. The measure of hyacinth macaw looks 95 to 100 cm long. There is also a new parrot in this species named the scarlet macaw also known as new world parrot. Its color combination is beyond your imagination. It’s brilliant red, yellow, and blue plumage contrasts with a bare white face that may blush when the bird is excited.


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