Behaviour Nature Amazon Parrot
Behaviour Nature Amazon Parrot

Amazon parrots are likely to be the center of attention, they are the most beautiful talented and playful bird in that species. They basically love to get affection and more time from their keeper. Amazon parrots are much athletic and they like to entertain their keepers with different clownish angles. They are most curious about their toys and food. You are able to feed them from your own hand, they are that type of affectionate and lovely. 

If you do not train Amazon parrots and handle them correctly they will become moody when they reach their maturity phase. They will become very aggressive sometimes and somehow they represent themselves as macho by flashing their feathers. During this stage the parrots can bite his keeper. A mature amazon is not likely the best parrots for the children and family. So most parrots lovers consider female amazons  to be their companion. Mostly amazon parrots use their body languages all the time to express their mood or behaviour condition. 

The Behaviour & Nature of Amazon Parrot

Healthy Amazon parrots can live 50 years or sometimes even longer if you give them good nutrition, care and healthy foods. They are long lived like most other large birds in the world. Amazon parrots are very sensitive in nature and sometimes their moods change because of their environment. So you have to try your best to give it your full attention and affection. Usually all kinds of parrots need a larger cage. The same will be for amazon parrots, they need space in their cage. The cage has to be decorated with ropes, replica trees, ladders and some chewing toys. This kind of equipment helps them with their movement and exercises. The minimum cage size should be 50 inches tall and 24 by 36 inches. Also try to set up an aviary or safe free flight area. Amazon parrots love to bathe because most of the amazon parrots will be in good shape if they bathe regularly. So you can just spray water on them for bathing, but it will be better if you give them a pot of water to bathe themselves. Because they will love to play with water and jump from here to there in the water and splashing water around.


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